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3 Reasons To Use A Heat Sealer

Industrial heat sealing is used every day for thousands of every day products, including food, packaging and display. The method to create the seal employs two heated bars, one at the top of the machine and one at the bottom. When these two elements come together around a sheet of special plastic, commonly known as lay flat tubing, they create an instant and permanent bond.

1. Speed
Once the heat sealer has been turned on, and the heating elements have had a chance to warm up, the user is able to instantly create permanent bonds. Once you have a steady rhythm, up to 100 seals can be made an hour with some heat sealers.

2. Simplicity
Making a seal isn’t difficult. That’s part of the attraction to using impulse sealers. The hinged arm design of many sealers lends itself to simple and painless operation. Often, a cutter will be incorporated into the unit, allowing the user to make polythene bags from a roll of lay flat tubing with ease. Perfect, if you are selling products in specific quantities, but they are delivered or created in bulk.

3. Portability
Heat sealers, at least the ones sold by justsealit.co.uk, are easy to transport, and in some cases designed specifically to be compact. Hand held crimp sealers are a great way to seal foil bags in most workspaces. Their portability makes them versatile and an obvious choice when looking for a robust tool for the task.

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